Local Tree Surgery Guides

N J Apps' local guides for trees and foliage found throughout Kent

Fencing Contractor Near Me (Buyers Guide)

fencing contractor near me

As a renowned fencing supplier in the South East, we know what to look for when searching for fencing and how to choose a fencing company. This guide will help you to find nearby fencing suppliers and provide insight into your options.

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Decking Contractor Near Me

decking contractor kent

Before you start searching for a “decking contractor near me”, learn more about decking contractors and how to choose the best decking for your needs.

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Tree Planting (Easy Guide)

tree planting kent img

What is tree planting, and how do you plant new trees correctly? We answer the most common replanting questions and explain our tree planting service in Kent.

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Is My Tree Protected?

A tree surgeon working in Kent

Trees on public and private land may be protected. Follow this simple guide to check if your tree is protected and the actions you must take.

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