DIY or Professional Stump Removal – What’s Better?

Is it better to use a professional stump removal service or to complete a DIY stump removal? Learn all about tree stump removal in the UK and the costs here.

After tree felling services or trees falling due to storms, a stump and its roots will remain. You can then remove a tree stump to approve the aesthetics and functionality of a landscape. So, what are your options to get the job done, and what’s the right choice?

What is stump removal?

Stump removal is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s the process of removing a tree stump and its roots. It requires manual labour and the use of power tools for a quick and effective result.

Landowners might wish to remove a tree stump for different reasons. You could want the tree stump removed to make your outdoor areas safer, especially if young children or elderly people use the space. Or you might want the tree stump removed for a specific project, such as laying foundations for a building or adding a garden shed.

How do professionals remove stumps?

Professional gardeners and tree surgeons will eradicate tree stumps and their roots using a power tool called a stump grinder. The stump grinder grinds down the tree stump and its roots into sawdust, leaving no trace that the tree stump was ever there. 

Professionals have the knowledge to choose the right type of stump grinder for the job and apply leading and safe techniques for the best results. 

Can I remove a stump myself?

It’s possible to remove a tree stump yourself by hiring a stump grinder or by adopting a labour-intensive approach with non-power gardening tools and products

If you decide to use a powerful stump grinder, you should acquire the knowledge of how to operate the power tool on your tree stumps and to ensure everyone’s safety. 

It’s also worth noting that you should be fairly fit to operate a stump grinder safely – and even fitter if you want to remove a stump without power tools. 

How much does it cost to remove a tree stump?

The cost to remove a stump can differ significantly, especially between DIY stump removal and professional stump removal. Below we have broken down and compared costs.

DIY stump removal costs

After doing some digging online, our research found that stump grinder hire costs start between £90 and £150 and progress in smaller amounts for additional days. Costs usually increase if you hire the tool on a weekend. 

However, this isn’t the only cost you must consider when hiring a stump grinder. You also need to factor in:

  1. Hiring or buying safety equipment, such as safety goggles
  2. Costs associated with collecting and returning the tool and equipment
  3. Or delivery and pick-up costs
  4. Potential fuel costs if you have multiple stumps to remove and therefore need to refuel a petrol stump grinder

Professional stump removal costs

The general rule is that you’ll pay between £10 and £25 for every 10cms of stump above ground level plus labour costs. Labour charges can differ significantly between gardening and tree surgery companies, which makes it hard to give an accurate figure.

In reality, professional tree stump removal costs are determined by several factors. This is why NJ Apps offers a free quote over the phone or by visiting your site. You’re never obligated to use our service, even if we come out and provide a quote. 

What is the cheapest way to get rid of a tree stump?

The cheapest method to get rid of a tree stump is to dig around the tree stump, cut off the larger roots and then dig the stump out. This isn’t possible with larger tree stumps; the task will require a lot of time and physical work compared to using a stump grinder.  

Hiring a stump grinder can be cheaper than hiring a professional stump removal service. But the difference in cost may not be as drastic as you would imagine, especially if you also need to hire safety equipment as well. 

DIY stump removal vs professional stump removal – what’s better?

Unless you’re already knowledgeable on stump removal and fit enough to get the job done, it’s most likely better for you to use a professional tree stump removal service. With a professional stump removal service, you’re guaranteed an efficient and effective result and your safety is never at risk.  

But if you decide that hiring a stump grinder is the better option for you, NJ Apps also provides a consultation service to help you choose the correct stump grinder functionality and size for your project.

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