Tree Survey for Home Buyers

Whether you’re taking your first step on the property ladder or trying to climb higher, you might need a home buyer tree survey. We explain what a tree survey for home buyers is and how it all works right here.

Whether you’re taking your first step on the property ladder or trying to climb higher, you might need a home buyer tree survey. We explain what a tree survey for home buyers is and how it all works right here. 

What is a home buyer tree survey?

A home buyers’ tree survey can go by different names, including a pre-purchase tree survey, home buyers’ tree survey or a combination of those terms. 

Despite the difference in names, these tree surveys all have the same purpose, which is to provide prospective property buyers with an assessment of the trees on or surrounding the property

The pre-purchase tree report might be desired by buyers before making a decision, or it could be requested from mortgage lenders and insurance providers before offering a loan or policy, respectively. 

Who provides pre-purchase tree surveys?

Tree surveys are provided by professional tree surgeons and sometimes by property surveyors. However, not all property surveying companies offer these services in-house; they might end up outsourcing to a specialist, such as a tree surgeon company. 

Why do you need a tree survey before purchasing?

When applicable, you need a tree survey to assess the health of trees and the risk posed by trees to your buildings. 

Although this will be an added expense to the process, it could save you from larger costs in the future. And it could prevent you from overpaying for a property that requires hidden landscaping or tree services. 

Some buyers use the findings in a pre-purchase tree survey to renegotiate the sale price, comparable to how renegotiations may take place after a standard property survey. 

Does everyone need a tree survey?

Not every prospective buyer needs a tree survey. But if you have trees close to buildings or tall trees nearby, it’s highly advisable to get a tree survey before completing the purchase. 

If you’re unsure whether you should get a survey completed or not, you can call the NJ Apps team for advice. We’ll never unnecessarily upsell you a survey if it’s not needed. 

What’s included in a tree survey report?

Tree survey reports can be somewhat different between providers, including special requests and assessments. However, a standard home buyer tree survey will include the following:

  1. An above-ground assessment
  2. A Below-ground assessment
  3. A tree protection status report

Above-ground assessment

The above-ground assessment centres around analysing the health of all trees located on the property or off the property but close to buildings. 

A tree surgeon will diligently assess all aspects of the tree’s health to determine whether trees require maintenance and treatments to stay healthy and structurally sound.  Many people consider the beauty and functionality of trees when buying property and need to know whether these trees are healthy or whether they need replacing. 

This part of the tree survey report will also consider external factors that could cause trees to fall. For example, if trees are exposed to high winds, that could pose a safety risk to buildings and occupiers. 

Below-ground assessment

The below-ground aspect of the tree report centres on the potential for tree roots to cause damage to building foundations. As tree roots grow, they can cause structural problems to nearby buildings. 

The risk will be determined based on the type of tree, canopy size, height, tree water demand and other factors. The report will then make recommendations to mitigate the risk if needed. 

Tree protection status report

Some trees have a protected status which prevents you – or anyone you employ – from undertaking tree maintenance or felling the tree without consent. There can be eye-watering fines for carrying out work on trees with a tree protection status, and you need to be aware of this when buying property, depending on your plans with the trees. 

A tree protection status report will give you a complete breakdown of the trees on your property, informing you of which trees are protected and which aren’t. 

Home buyer tree surveys Kent

N J Apps offers home buyer tree surveys in Kent. We can assist all prospective home buyers with a comprehensive survey that satisfies their requirements or the requirements laid down by mortgage lenders and insurers. 

Our surveys are carried out by experienced and accredited tree specialists, and we can assist with further services should the need arise. 
Contact our team now to discuss our Kent tree surveys for home buyers.