NPTC Training & Accreditation

As an N J Apps customer, you are in very safe hands at all times.

Trained, Experienced, Proficient.

N J Apps Tree Surgery and Fencing provide tree surgery services throughout Kent with a trained, experienced and proficient workforce.

To allow us to do this safely and efficiently, we ensure that all of our team members have been through accredited training programs. Such programs may include the following NPTC units:

Combined 5-day chainsaw maintenance / felling small trees (NPTC units 201/202/203 formerly CS30 & CS31)

5-day Aerial Rescue Operations and Tree-climbing course (NPTC units 206/306 formerly CS38)

3-day Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw using Free-fall Techniques (NPTC unit 308 formerly CS39)

Aerial Tree Rigging (NPTC unit 309 – formerly CS41)

Aerial Tree Rigging (NPTC unit 309 – formerly CS41)

Safe Use of Wood-chipper (NPTC Unit 222)

4 Week Tree Surgery Course

All NPTC units are valid for a period of 5 years from the date of the successful completion. All NPTC tree surgery courses consist of both theory and practical elements and run over a number of days.

N J Apps Tree Surgery and Fencing are NPTC certified and we pride ourselves on offering the best tree surgery services throughout Kent.

Protected & Insured.

N J Apps has premium Public Liability Insurance cover. The importance of such cover as a tree surgeon cannot be overestimated. NPTC have a policy requirement that all their NPTC trained workers carry public liability insurance in order to keep NPTC membership valid.

N J Apps Tree Surgery and Fencing cover includes general tree surgery, pruning and removal of trees, as well as arboricultural surveys. This also covers our fencing contractor service.

Please arrange a free quotation with N J Apps, safe in the knowledge that we’re full trained, competent and insured.

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