Signs You Need to Call a Tree Surgeon

How do you know when to call a tree surgeon about a tree? It’s good to know the answer to this question as the answer could save you money in the long run.

What are the signs that you need to call a tree surgeon about a tree on your property? When it comes to the health and maintenance of trees, it’s essential to know when to call upon the expertise of professionals – and not leave it too late. 

Acting promptly can make a significant difference, potentially saving trees from removal or preventing dangerous situations. We will discuss the common signs that trees need to be removed or treated below. And if ever in doubt, call your tree surgeon anyway. Our Kent arborists are always happy to listen to your tree concerns and put you at ease. 

When should you call a tree surgeon?

You should call a tree surgeon as early as possible when you need their help to assess tree health, damage or decay. 

Acting swiftly could change the course of action required or even prevent trees from having to be removed. In the worst cases, people who ignore tree issues could experience trees falling down, especially during strong winds and storms. When this happens, the tree could put people and property at risk, which can be costly. Moreover, if you ignore problems, they could become more widespread to other trees in the vicinity. 

How do you tell if a tree needs to be removed?

You should always lean on professional advice to determine whether a tree needs to be removed, which is why it’s important to get regular tree health assessments from tree surgeons or arborists. This is a quick service, often conducted annually, to ensure trees are free from disease and pests. Tree health surveys also include sound recommendations to keep your trees healthy.  

However, there are things you can look out for yourself to spot the early signs that a tree may need to be felled. Look out for these signs to stop the tree from becoming weaker and more likely to fall on its own, which could cause costly damage to your or neighbouring property. 

Here are some of the common signs a tree might need to be removed:

  1. Extensive dead branches
  2. Decay and rot in the trunk
  3. Cracks and splits in the trunk
  4. Significant leaning to one side
  5. Insect infestations

You may also want to consider the tree’s proximity to buildings and power lines. The tree may not be showing signs of decay or disease, but it may still pose a significant risk and need to be removed. 

What about concerning trees on council land?

If you notice a tree near your property on council land has any of the above issues, you must report the tree to your local authority. The council may then contact in-house arborists or speak with local tree surgeons to get the tree assessed. If it’s decided that the tree needs to be removed, the council will have to pay for this. 

How much should a tree surgeon charge?

The cost of tree surgeon services will vary significantly based on:

  • The tree surgeon or arborist business pricing, which may be influenced by location
  • The type of tree surgeon service required (e.g., tree removal vs emergency tree services)
  • The extent of the service, such as removing small or large trees

You might be able to save money by choosing a local tree surgeon or local arborist. As these service providers are closer to your location, they may be able to get to you quicker and therefore charge you less. 

Is a tree surgeon the same as an arborist?

The titles of tree surgeon and arborist are often used interchangeably in the UK. However, it can be that tree surgeons have additional qualifications and skills not possessed by some arborists. It’s not always the case, but tree surgeons may concern themselves with emergency tree services, whereas arborists might only provide tree health assessments and follow-up services. 

Kent tree surgeon at your service! 

If you’ve spotted the common signs discussed above, it’s best to get on the phone with a local tree surgeon as soon as possible. Our Kent tree surgeons and Kent arborists are on hand to help. We can either put your mind at ease or offer an early intervention plan to solve the issue and avoid (expensive) escalation. Contact NJ Apps tree surgeons in Kent today for friendly guidance.