What Are Land Clearance Services and How Much Do They Cost?

What do land clearance services involve and how much do they cost? You probably haven’t considered these questions until you realise you need land clearance. We answer the most common questions about our land clearance services in Kent here.

What do land clearance services involve, and how much do they cost? You probably haven’t considered these questions until you realise you need land clearance. We answer the most common questions about our land clearance services in Kent here. 

What are land clearing services?

Land clearing services are provided to clear an area of land to improve safety, and aesthetics or to prepare for further development. These services can be utilised by private homeowners or commercial businesses. 

Land clearance is typically achieved using heavy-duty machinery and tools that are operated by qualified professionals. Stump grinders, mulchers and chippers are some of the machines that may be required to clear your land. 

The specifics of land clearing services will depend on what’s currently on the land. The service could involve a combination of:

  • Vegetation clearance
  • Stump removal
  • Relocating habitats
  • Relocating trees
  • Tree felling
  • Ecology services

What is a vegetation clearance?

A vegetation clearance is a type of land clearing service that involves the removal or relocation of vegetation to ground level, including bushes, plants and weeds. Vegetation clearance is one of the most common types of land clearance required. 

A site survey will need to be completed before the clearance. This is to determine if the area is a habitat for (protected) wildlife. Vegetation clearance might need to be times in line with some wildlife cycles, such as hibernation. 

Will you need a permit to clear land?

You won’t need a permit to clear land, but there might be trees on your land that cannot be relocated or felled. Some trees fall under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and cannot be removed. Felling a tree under a TPO can result in a hefty fine of up to £20,000. So, it’s essential to fully understand what land clearance services can and cannot be done on your land first.  

NJ Apps tree surgeons will be on hand to guide you. We will ensure you don’t make any mistakes and don’t get stung by any eye-watering fines. 

Does site clearance include demolition?

Some site clearance services may include demolition. The service may be adaptable to include demolishing fences, walls and small outbuildings. Some companies will provide a comprehensive site clearance service that includes demolishing larger construction.  

What can cleared land be used for?

There are many reasons why someone or a business would require land clearance services. Cleared land could enhance the safety of the area, deter fly-tipping, or improve its aesthetic appeal. 

Land clearance services are also required in the process of building development. The land might need to be cleared to enable the first stages of a building to progress, from small sheds to new office buildings or houses. 

Can I clear land myself?

You might be able to clear the land yourself by renting tools, machines and safety equipment. However, doing so might not be cost-effective or efficient. 

The cost of employing professional land clearing services can be comparable to having to rent multiple machines and safety equipment. Professional land clearance will usually be faster, safer and less work for you. Using professional services also prevents costly or even illegal mistakes. 

How much does it cost to clear land?

According to the latest data released by Checkatrade, it costs £300 on average to clear a small domestic garden. The same source states that the average UK cost for land clearing services over two to three acres is £5,700. 

As this information indicates, the size of the land has a significant influence on cost. But size isn’t the only thing that will determine the cost of land clearing services in the UK. Several other things could cause the cost to increase or decrease, such as:

  • Type of land
  • Tree and vegetation density
  • Number of stumps to be removed
  • Site location
  • Ease of access to the site
  • Disposal of materials
  • Efficiency of service

Site and land clearance services Kent

N J Apps is proud to offer comprehensive land clearing services tailored to your domestic or commercial site. We can visit you to complete a site survey and calculate what is needed as part of your prospective site clearance.

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