Decking vs Paving – Which To Choose?

Is decking better than paving? We discuss when to choose decking for your outdoor space and when paving might be the better option.

Decking and paving are two solid options if you want to improve the functionality, liveability and aesthetics of your outdoor areas. When done right, both finishes offer a fantastic space for hosting and making family memories.  

But which option is better? In this post, we’ll discuss the key considerations when weighing up decking vs paving, with a special look at costs, maintenance and aesthetics.

What is better, decking or paving?

Paving isn’t better than decking – or vice versa. They are both great options in certain situations. The best option will depend on your budget to complete the job, space, home, and style preferences. 

We will look at these key considerations in detail below. But to make this post even more relevant to you, it’s worth measuring the space where you’re considering decking or paving first. 

By measuring your space before continuing, you’ll get a greater appreciation of some of the topics discussed below, especially regarding costs. 

Is decking more expensive than patio?

In general, decking is the cheaper option. 

The materials used to create standard decking are cheaper than those required to create a patio. Additionally, the installation of paving usually takes longer than decking, which also pushes the price up. Workers might have to return a second day if you cover more than 20 square metres, which isn’t typical for decking installations. 

How much does decking cost?

The cost of decking will hinge on the quality of the decking and whether you will install it yourself or use professionals. 

For example, a DIY installation of budget decking will cost around £25 per square metre. Whereas a professional installation of high-quality decking can cost around £70 per square metre. 

How much does outdoor paving cost?

The cost of outdoor paving also differs based on the quality of the materials and whether you do a DIY job or use professionals. A lower-quality sandstone patio will cost around £35 per square metre when installing it yourself. Whereas higher-quality paving installed by professionals can cost around £110 per square metre. 

You can use your measurements and these figures to estimate how much decking and paving will cost you. But as there can be differences between suppliers and installers, it’s also good to get quotes from reputable companies. 

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DIY Vs professional decking installation

Using professional decking installers is recommended because these professionals ensure the decking is fitted together correctly, which can prevent premature wear and tear, saving you money later. Not to forget that using professionals saves you effort and time. 

Some of the decking problems you could avoid by using trained professionals are:

  1. Cracked and split boards during the installation
  2. Loose nails and bolts afterwards, which can become a safety issue
  3. Unstable stairs and railings, which are also a safety concern
  4. Damaged or moving footings
  5. Personal injury

Does decking require more maintenance than paving?

Yes, decking will require more maintenance than paving because paving is extremely resilient. In fact, the longer your paving lasts, the better it can look due to aged charm. 

That being said, preserving quality decking isn’t going to be too much of a strenuous task. You will probably need to treat the wood once per year to help it withstand the elements. 

If you don’t want to do any maintenance, you should probably choose to pave. But if protecting your decking once or twice yearly isn’t an issue, keep decking as an option. 

Does decking look better than paving?

Decking can look better than paving, but paving can also look better than decking. Decking comes in various wood types and paving comes in many different types of stone. Add in personal preference and there are so many options to suit different styles. 

But you might want to consider the space and the rest of your home. Using the correct paving might be a better match if you have periodic or traditional property. On the other hand, newer builds and modern homes can be complemented by some awesome decking. There’s even the option of using both if your outdoor space permits.

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